Journal Papers

  1. S. Koga, M. Diagne, and M. Krstic

    "Control and State Estimation of the One-Phase Stefan Problem via Backstepping Design"

    submitted to IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

  2. J. Feiling, S. Koga, and M. Krstic

    "Extremum Seeking for Static Maps with Actuation Dynamics Governed by Diffusion PDEs"

    submitted to Automatica

  3. J. Wang, S. Koga, Y. Pi, and M. Krstic

    "Axial Vibration Suppression in a PDE Model of Ascending Mining Cable Elevator"

    submitted to IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology

Conferrence Papers

  1. S. Koga and M. Krstic

    "Arctic Sea Ice Temperature Profile Estimation via Backstepping Observer Design"

    submitted to 1st IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications

  2. S. Koga, R. Vazquez, M. Krstic

    "Backstepping Control of Stefan Problem with Flowing Liquid"

    2017 American Control Conference (accepted)

  3. S. Koga, M. Diagne, M. Krstic

    "Output Feedback Control of the One-Phase Stefan Problem" [arXiv]

    55th Conference on Decision and Control

  4. S. Koga, M. Diagne, S. Tang, M. Krstic

    "Backstepping Control of the One-Phase Stefan Problem" [arXiv]

    2016 American Control Conference




  • "Boundary Control and Estimation of Solid-Liquid Interface in a Melting Material"

    36h Annual Research Expoition, UC San Diego, April 2016