Magnetic Levitation



The Magnetic levitator was a project started by Gabe Graham and I in the fall of 2006. In this project we used a microprocessor, hell effect, and a coil to hover a permanent magnet. I later redesign the MAG LEV to be a self-contained system. The objective of this project was to design a controller robust enough so that actuator and sensor only limit the hovered magnet ability of a different set point and different masses not the controller. But also keep the controller fast enough to have good performance tracking. The results at the end show that the controller did better then expected with a range of 3.5cm to 7cm and very good tracking of a 1.5Hz sin wave. Here are some videos of the MAG LEV.

Analog feedback controller

Digital feedback with disturbance

Digital feedback tracking a sinusoid

Digital feedback with added mass

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