MAE 281b - Nonlinear Control (Spring 2003)

Department of MAE, UCSD

Course web address: http://flyingv/krstic/teaching/281b/281b.html

Instructor: Prof. Miroslav Krstic, 1808 EBUI, 822-1374,


Prerequisites: Nonlinear Systems (MAE 281A) or consent of instructor

Time and Place: TuThu, 11:00-12:20, SEQUO 147
Office Hours:
M 4-5 or by appointment (e-mail, phone)
Grading: (click on highlighted items for problem sets)
Homework 35%
Final 65%

Course Objective: The course will give the students an in-depth introduction to nonlinear controllability and stabilizability theory, with elements of robust and optimal nonlinear control.

Topics: Circle and Popov criteria, small gain theorem, passivity. Describing functions. Nonlinear controllability, feedback linearization, input-state and input-output linearization, zero dynamics. Stabilization, Brockett's necessary conditions for local stabilizability, control Lyapunov functions, Sontag's formula for global stabilizaiton. Methods for design of control Lyapunov functions and stabilization: integrator backstepping, forwarding. Inverse optimality and stability margins. Disturbance attenuation for nonlinear systems, deterministic and stochastic, nonlinear H-infinity control. Examples from robotics, satellite and underwater vehicles, compressors and combustion.