Section A.  Primary Published Work - Miroslav Krstic

(This is a repository of pdf files for my personal mobile use, while away from my main computer. Please note that you are legally permitted to download the papers only if you or your institution are subscribed to the respective journals.)

I. Journal Papers

1.          M. Krstic, “Algorithms for calculating flow and pressure distribution in gas networks,” Nafta, vol. 41, pp. 265--274, 1990.

2.          M. Krstic, “General gas network design for a desired stationary flow/pressure distribution,” Nafta, vol. 41, pp. 493--498, 1990.

3.          M. Krstic, I. Kanellakopoulos, and P. V. Kokotovic, “Adaptive nonlinear control without overparametrization,” Systems Control Letters, vol. 19, pp. 177--185, 1992.

4.          M. Krstic, P. V. Kokotovic and I. Kanellakopoulos, “Transient performance improvement with a new class of adaptive controllers,” Systems Control Letters, vol. 21, pp. 451--461, 1993.

5.          M. Krstic, I. Kanellakopoulos, and P. V. <