E-Mail: krstic@ucsd.edu

Admin. Assistant for CCSD matters: Lusia Veksler, (858) 822-1269, lveksler@eng.ucsd.edu

Admin. Coordinator for Research Affairs matters: Patrice Lock, (858) 822-3439, plock@ucsd.edu

Personal Assistant in Research Affairs: Devon Tolliver, (858) 822-2529, dntolliver@ucsd.edu


Office in CCSD/MAE: 1808 EBUI         

Office in Research Affairs: Building 965 (receptionist will escort you to my office)

·       For the locations of my two offices and directions between them, click here. (A is Engineering/EBUI building, B is Research Affairs/965 building.)

Phone in CCSD/MAE: (858) 822-1374                  

Phone in Research Affairs: (858) 534-5556      

·       (Do not leave voicemail – send email)


Lab: 2101 EBUI, phone: (858) 534-5670      FAX: (858) 822-3107


Mailing address:

Professor Miroslav Krstic

Department of Mechanical & Aero. Eng.
University of California, San Diego

M.C. 0411
La Jolla, CA 92093-0411