Huan Yu

2101 Engineering Building, La Jolla, CA 92093 · (858) 534-5670 ·

I am a PhD student in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department at Univeristy of California, San Diego. I am working in the Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Laboratory with Professor Miroslav Krstic. My research focuses on boundary control and estimation of partial differential equations (distributed parameter system), with applications to traffic model in transportation system and structural model in aerospace system.


Control and estimation of congested traffic

Develop a general framework for ramp metering control of congested traffic, employ Aw-Rascle-Zhang traffic model, design full-state feedback control law, both collocated and anti-collocated boundary observers and adaptive output feedback controller for distributed parameter system with uncertainty, validate the control result with simulation, numerical methods including Lax-Wendroff and McCormack Schemes.

Design full-state feedback boundary control to reduce two-lane traffic congestion in a freeway segment. The macroscopic traffic dynamics is described by a two-lane Aw-Rascle-Zhang model with lane-changing between a fast and a slow lane. The finite time convergence to equilibrium is achieved for the closed-loop system.

Adaptive control of aeroelastic model

study the stabilization of membrane vibration in aeroelastic model, design adaptive output feedback law for the structural instability, estimate the unknown parameters density and flow velocity.

Adaptive Control of Hyperbolic PDEs

Solve adaptive output feedback control design for 2 by 2 hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation system with spatially varying parameters coupling in domain, apply backstepping method to transform the system into observer canonical form, design parametric model for parameter estimation, construct filter-based state observers, complete Lyapunov stability analysis for control design, use finite difference methods to simulate and validate the result.

Solve adaptive output feedback control design for generalized n+1 hyperbolic PDE system, advance backstepping transformation method for hetero-directional hyperbolic system.



Yu, H. and Krstic, M. Traffic Congestion Control for Aw-Rascle-Zhang Model, Under review


Yu, H., Vazquez, R. and Krstic, M. (2017, May). Adaptive output feedback for hyperbolic PDE pairs with non-local coupling. In American Control Conference (ACC), 2017 (pp. 487-492). IEEE.
Yu, H., Vazquez, R., and Krstic, M. (2017, December). Adaptive output feedback control of flow-induced vibrations of a membrane at high mach numbers. In Decision and Control (CDC), 2017 IEEE 56th Annual Conference on (pp. 670-675). IEEE.
Yu, H. and Krstic, M. (2018, June). Traffic Congestion Control on Aw-Rascle-Zhang Model: Full-State Feedback. In American Control Conference (ACC), 2018. IEEE.
Yu, H. and Krstic, M. (2018, June). Adaptive Output Feedback for Aw-Rascle-Zhang Model in Congested Regime. In American Control Conference (ACC), 2018. IEEE.
Yu, H. and Krstic, M. (2018, December). Traffic Congestion Control on Two-lane Aw-Rascle-Zhang Model. In Decision and Control (CDC), 2018. IEEE, under review.


University of California, San Diego

Master of Science
Aerospace Engineering

GPA: 3.9

Sept 2014 - Aug 2015

Northwestern Polytechinical University

Bachelor of Science

GPA: 3.8

Sept 2009 - June 2014

graduate courses

Control and dynamic system

Nonlinear System, Nonlinear Control Design, Linear System, Linear Control Design, Parameter Identification


Numerical Optimization, Numerical Methods


Machine Learning Theory, Sensing and Estimation in Robotics, Planning and Learning in Robotics, Reinforcement Learning.


Programming Languages & Tools

Python, Matlab, Mathematica, C, JAVA, LaTeX